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Some 113,778 women went for foreign jobs in eight years

KATHMANDU, Aug 25: As the number of women going for foreign jobs increased with the establishment of democracy through the second people´s movement, news of them facing various troubles in foreign land have also increased accordingly. 

The number of women in foreign jobs in 2063-64 BS was only 3,605, but it has now increased to 28, 966 by 2070-71 BS. 

The Department of Foreign Employment has not kept separate records of men and women in foreign jobs before 2063-064 BS except for the total number of those in foreign jobs. 

The number has reached 113,778 since the separate record keeping in eight years. The number of males in foreign jobs, however, is 2,574, 603.

The number of women in foreign jobs in 2069-70 BS was 27,713 and in 2070-71 BS, it was 28,966. The largest number is in Kuwait 37,102. Likewise, they are 22,665 in UAE, 17,322 in Malaysia, 10, 858 in Lebanon, 5,501 in Qatar, 3,863 in Israel, 3,286 in Bahrain, 859 in South Korea and 580 in Japan and 6, 736 in other countries. 

A total of 34 have gone to conflict-hit Afghanistan with labor permit from the Department of Labor. The number of those going to Gulf and other countries without permit is larger. 

It is reported that more than 5,000 have been in conflict-hit Iraq illegally. When the government moved forward relief works as Iraq crisis deepened, news report has come that half of the 10,000 Nepalese in Iraq were women.

It is learnt that Nepalese women when reach in the Gulf via India, their passports are confiscated and are forced to work. 

In Gulf countries, they are forced in prostitution, are compelled to dance naked in restaurants, and land lords would rape those in domestic help and are even poured hot water.

In recent times, the human traffickers reach Nepali women to African countries in the name of employment. 

As there are no employment opportunities in the country, women in foreign jobs are increasing.

Although the women with legal permission are seen 113,778, the number could be its double remaining in Gulf, and Malaysia illegally, say staffs working in the foreign employment. 

Women also reach Europe, USA, Australia, and Canada in tourist visa, business visa and student visa and are remaining illegally. The countries are, however, comparatively safer. 

Spokesman of the Department of Labor, Badri Kumar Karki said the women in Gulf are exploited, salaries not given in time, are engaged more in works and in some places, they are sexually exploited, and after complaints were heard, sending women to the countries has been stopped. Some women return to Nepal after being pregnant after rape by the land lord. 

Chairman of the Paurakhi Nepal, Manju Gurung says women go illegally through India as there is a provision of 30 years of age for women to go to Gulf and Malaysia and other countries. 

She said it is discrimination to fix age-limit for women, and added they should be trained and given information on works.

Although they are sent illegally through Nepal´s manpower companies, the government and concerned Department of Labor are keeping mum. The department could not take action on those manpower companies. 

Spokesman Karki says he does not know there has been any action on manpower companies for sending women illegally. 

Nepalese women suffer more as they are less literate and not accustomed to modern technology. 

They face problem of language, and bear the wrath of the land lord as they even do not know how to iron clothes, and to use vacuum cleaner. 

A recommendation committee has been formed under labor secretary to manage with easy employment and self-esteem of Nepalese women domestic helps in foreign countries, and their ban will be lifted on the basis of its recommendation, said Karki.

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